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Foreclosure or Mortgage Modification Intake Checklist

* Name:
* Phone No.:
* Email:
1. Full address of property in question:
2. Description of property:  House    Mobile Home  
 Vacant Lot   Condo
  If property is a mobile home, is the mortgage on the mobile home and the lot?:  Yes  No
3. Is your name on the deed?:  Yes  No
If no, then who is:
4. Is anyone else on the deed with you?: Yes No
If yes, state relationship & name:
5. Do you live on the property?: Yes No
6.  When did you buy the property?:
7.  How much did you pay for the property?:
Current value (if known)?
8.   Is the Mortgage being foreclosed your original Purchase Money Mortgage or a Refinance?:  Purchase money mortgage
 A Refinance
9. Did you buy the house from a Builder or Developer?: Yes  No
10. Did you use the Mortgage Broker recommended by the Builder/Developer or on-site Mortgage person?:  Yes  No
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Before the Following Courts

United States Supreme Court

U.S. Claims Court

U.S. Tax Court

U.S. Court of Appeals

U.S. Court of international Trade

U.S. Court of Military Appeals

U.S. Federal District Court

For The S.D.F.L. M.D.F.L.

E.D.N.Y. and W.D.N.Y
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